Monday, February 25, 2013

Tiki show - Dayton ohio

4 days and a few hours to go until the Tiki show at Clash!
Friday March 1st at 6:00PM. Clash Consignments in the Oregon District in Dayton
Paintings, Mugs, Sculptures and rockabilly surf music for 4 solid hours or more.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tiki Lantern Build -March tiki show at Clash

I started with a dumpy little sketch of a tiki, based on some New Guinea carvings.

I roll out a large slab of clay and wrap it around my form for my basic shape. (there are 2 coffee cans stacked and taped together then wrapped in newspaper inside the giant tampon shape)

I painfully slide it off the form...for like, 15 minutes. Then I cut out my basic lantern parts, like, the back so you can put a candle in...and cut out basic eye and mouth holes. (watch it collapse when I fire it...)

Then add shapes and "tattoo" elements...Still in process though!

And finished sculpt.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New items at Clash – 1.31.2013

I'll be dropping off some S.W. mugs and a Jack Skellington mug Thursday evening around 6PM.
They'll be a handful of $8 shot glasses in this load also! 

Tis almost Valentines Day...nothing says I love you and I will destroy you if you leave me, like a Vader coffee mug! 

Ah, love...

Saturday, January 19, 2013

March Tiki show at Clash Consignments - Dayton

Sheet of matchbook covers I'm producing for the tiki show, March 2013, at Clash Consignments here in Dayton. (the FRAGILE stickers where to use up the extra space on the sticker sheet. I can use those for shipping!)

I thought matchbooks are a cool throw back to the original "Tiki movement" when people smoked like in the Mad Men show. (Speaking of Mad Men, there are a few scenes where the characters are sipping cocktails in tiki mugs!) I figure, I burn a lot of candles...and I'm sure people still smoke. They'd be a nifty little keepsake, trinket-y doodad! :)

I was going to have the matchbooks printed and buy them in bulk. (which would have been cheaper)
But I really didn't think I needed a thousand for 140 I bought 200 plain white one on for less than 20 bucks. I'll print a sticker sheet off my laser printer and attach it to the outside of the matchbook. That way I can have many different styles.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just an FYI I'm going to be posting photos and info pretty soon for my tiki show in March, at Clash consignments, in Dayton.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In the shadows

A ghost I had made for Halloween at work.
A little dirty drapery material, paper mache and spray paint.

Ah the good ole days when I'd come in early and decorate for a Halloween party. Until we hired some folks who kinda hate Halloween, and bitch at me for decorating. Maybe this year, with some new hires, we'll out number the grouch bags and get back to having some fun! :)

Why do this for work you ask?
(...I'm sure you asked...)
It's a sad tale of being an only kid on my side of the busy street, where there were never Trick or Treaters! (Then compound that by not easily making friends cause...I'm shy damn it!) And the house I now live in is in the middle of nowhere. (Which is great 364 days of the year! Except on Beggars night!) And our yard has a virtual "wall-o-shrubs" so no one would see anything I put up!

Hence, my employer putting up with my fanatical need to decorate for Halloween. He was kinda "mad" (or you could say, pissed off...) that one year I forgot an left the cobwebs up in the conference room, and it was time for the Monday morning meeting. Other than that, he seems to generally dig it. And, I get along well with a few co-workers who dig Halloween, so that makes it worth sticking it in the eye of those who are bitchy about the holiday!